Tips for Storing your Boat for Winter in Door County

Surrounded by clean, fresh water in Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Door County is a boater’s dream come true. There is virtually no limit to the miles of shoreline one can discover by boat, whether for recreation, fishing, or any of the many reasons to get out on the water in Door County.

Once the water has frozen over, however, that boat needs to be safely in storage. That’s where we come in. Door County Self Storage in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, has ample room for boats of almost any size. Our heated building ensures even the most prized vessels are kept safe and sound in secure, modern, clean conditions. When the weather has changed and it’s time to get your boat back in the water, it will be ready, just like you left it.

Putting up a boat for winter is an important and multi-step process. To ensure that your boat lasts for many years of family enjoyment, start with the basics:

  1. Inspect: Check your boat from bow to transom, run the motor and conduct any needed maintenance or repairs.
  2. Clean: Remove any items that you wish to keep safe during the winter. Empty trash and remove any items that could potentially attract pests.
  3. Winterize: Flush the engine, change the oil, add antifreeze and fuel stabilizer.
  4. Lubricate: Check all hinges, latches, and other mechanisms for sticking and add lubricant as necessary.
  5. Seal Ports: cover exhaust and other ports to prevent infiltration from pests.
  6. Remove and Charge Battery: Ensure long battery life by storing it fully charged in warm conditions.
  7. Cover: Use a high-quality canvas boat cover to keep your boat safe and protected for the duration of the winter.

Our boats are like members of our family, and we depend on them for making the most of the beautiful Door County summer. At Door County Self Storage, we understand this and we treat each and every customer’s boat like it was our own. Our convenient location makes pick-up and drop-off of your boat a breeze, whether you’re coming from out of town or just down the road. Book your Boat Storage Today!

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